Indonesia’s Stunning Natural Beauty on Mount Rinjani

The beauty of Nusa Tenggara Islands is endless! After discussing Komodo Island, this time we will discuss Mount Rinjani. Yes, this mountain is still in the West Nusa Tenggara region, precisely on Lombok Island.

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia which has an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level. Mount Rinjani is visited a lot from June to August. Various groups visit Mount Rinjani, such as students, couples, to senior climbers. The natural beauty presented by Mount Rinjani is the best that Indonesia has. What can you find in Mount Rinjani? Let’s discuss it!

Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani has its own National Park. This is the main gate for you if you want to go to Rinjani. This mountain has many awards to be proud of. Rinjani is one of the best governance units in Southeast Asia. Not only that, Mount Rinjani is also included in the ”Global Geopark 2018 by UNESCO”.

Segara Anak

Segara Anak - Mount Rinjani
Segara Anak – Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani has children or if interpreted to mean sea children, because this lake has a bluish color like the sea. Segara Anak is one of the natural beauties that you can find during the climb to the top of Mount Rinjani. You can rest here for a while, enjoying the beauty of nature with your eyes. Segara Anak is also one of the mandatory spots when visiting Mount Rinjani.

To reach Segara Anak, you can choose which path you want to go through. First there is the Senaru trail which can be reached on foot for 7 to 10 hours. Another route is the Sembalun route which can be reached for 8 to 10 hours drive.

Around Segara Anak, there are more natural attractions. The attractions are Goa susu, Goa manik and Goa umbrella. One of these caves can be used for meditation activities. And under Lake Segara Anak you can find a hot spring called Aik Kalak Pengkremean Jembangan.

Sembalun Lawang Village

Sembalun Lawang Village - Mount Rinjani
Sembalun Lawang Village

From here it becomes the starting point or starting point of climbers who want to go to the top. Sembalun village is a beautiful grassland that can soothe your eyes.

See the beautiful Sunset at Plawangan Sembalun

Sunset di Plawangan Sembalun 1
Sunset at Plawangan Sembalun

One of the best spots to see the sunset on Mount Rinjani is in Plawangan Sembalun. You will see the most beautiful sunset of your life.

Sunset Terindah di Plawangan Sembalun
Plawangan Sembalun on Mount Rinjani

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BONUS: Segara Anak never appeared in our currency

One of the beauties of Mount Rinjani is that it once appeared on our 10 thousand rupiah currency. This is proof that Indonesia’s natural beauty can also be seen in currency. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Sepuluh Ribu Rupiah 10000
Segara Anak on Ten Thousand Rupiah money

Mount Rinjani is a volcano that has a crater lake at its summit and can be accessed through climbing for several days.

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