Here are 34 traditional houses in Indonesia.

Indonesia or the Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of various islands and ethnic groups. As it is well known that Indonesia is an archipelago, it is not surprising that Indonesia has diverse ethnicities and races, the understanding of ethnic groups according to KBBI has the meaning of social unity that is distinguished from other social unity based on the identity awareness of cultural differences in particular language, each of the ethnic groups of the nation certainly has its own uniqueness and characteristics.

Administratively Indonesia is divided into 34 (thirty-four) provinces, but in 1 (one) province itself is not actually inhabited by one tribe only. In this discussion will be explained about the traditional houses of nusantara in each province. And in each province there can be more than 1 (one) traditional house because there are various tribes as well, but this time we will only show one of the popular traditional houses in each province.

34 Traditional Houses in Indonesia

Indonesia has a diverse culture. One form of Indonesian cultural diversity lies in the architectural design of traditional houses of the archipelago. Currently the existence of traditional houses is decreasing because it is eaten by the times and modernity.

In addition, the manufacture of some traditional houses is also difficult to do and cost a lot of money. Some traditional houses have begun to be abandoned and others modified with modern elements.

Introducing the architectural design of traditional houses in Indonesia is our effort to reintroduce Indonesian customs. Today it is not only the culture of the area that is increasingly abandoned, but also the values and local wisdom in the community. We hope that millennials and generation z (young Indonesian generation) will get to know Indonesian culture more through the explanation of traditional houses in this post.

Of all the traditional houses in Indonesia, the average traditional house is in the form of a stilt house because to avoid flooding or wild animals. Some other traditional houses are closed, the reason is to keep the residents feeling warm, because they are in the mountains. This shows that the original houses of Indonesia are made in accordance with the natural conditions around it.

To see and more details, please click (link) the name of the custom house below:

Traditional Houses in Java

6 traditional houses on the island of Java:

  • Sulah Nyanda
    Banten Traditional House
  • Kebaya House
    DKI Jakarta Traditional House
  • Jolopong House
    West Java Traditional House
  • Joglo House
    Central Java Traditional House
  • Joglo House
    Traditional House of D.I. Yogyakarta
  • Joglo House
    East Java Traditional House

Traditional Houses in Sumatra

10 traditional houses on the island of Sumatra:

  • Krong Bade
    Traditional house of D.I Aceh
  • Toba Batak Hall
    North Sumatra traditional house
  • Limas House
    South Sumatra traditional house
  • Gadang House
    West Sumatra traditional house
  • Selaso Falls Twins
    Riau traditional house
  • Split Ridge
    Riau Islands traditional house
  • Kajang Lako
    Jambi traditional house
  • Stage House
    Bangka Belitung traditional house
  • Ridge Five
    Bengkulu traditional house
  • Nuwou Sesat
    Lampung traditional house

Traditional Houses in Maluku

2 traditional houses in Maluku Islands

Traditional Houses in Sulawesi

6 traditional houses on sulawesi island

  • Tambi House
    Central Sulawesi traditional house
  • Boyang House
    West Sulawesi traditional house
  • Banua Tada
    Southeast Sulawesi traditional house
  • Tongkonan House
    South Sulawesi traditional house
  • Walewangko, Heir’s House
    North Sulawesi traditional house
  • Dulohupa
    Gorontalo traditional house

Bali Customs House & Nusa Tenggara

Traditional Houses of Bali and Nusa Tenggara

3 traditional houses in kep. Nusa Tenggara

Traditional Houses on the Island of Papua

Papuan Traditional House

2 traditional houses on the island of Papua

In addition to in accordance with the landscape (area / region), Indonesian traditional houses are also adapted to the customs or religious values in the surrounding community. Please note there are some traditional houses that are used only for customary events only while other traditional houses are used as residences of customary chairmen.

The interesting and special thing about traditional houses in Indonesia is the use of raw materials that use natural materials to build the traditional house. Natural materials in question are such as ulin wood, dried tree smelt, bamboo, clay, natural stone and rumbia.

Hopefully this post can also be a contribution to the National Literacy Movement and useful for those who read it. - 16 January 2022

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