6 Typical and Unique Sulawesi Traditional Houses

Sulawesi Island is shaped like the letter K. Sulawesi was once known as Celebes. Sulawesi is a large island in Indonesia which is 1 of the 4 Greater Sunda Islands which is also the 11th largest island in the world.

6 Traditional Houses in Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi has 6 provinces with their own traditional houses that are different, unique and have their own characteristics.

Custom House South Sulawesi

Tongkonan is a traditional house of the Toraja tribe community, located in South Sulawesi Province. The architecture of the tongkonan traditional house has a distinctive shape from the lower, middle and upper structures.

Tongkonan Traditional House

Tongkonan Traditional House - South Sulawesi Traditional House

Currently, tongkonan houses are no longer used as residential houses and are no longer occupied, because every family that used to live in tongkonan houses in general has built their own houses. Tongkonan House is loaded with carvings that contain the meaning of “symbolizing the social status” of the Tongkonan owner who occupies the upper layer.

Custom House Southeast Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi has a traditional house called banua tada. The original house of the Butonese tribe was made of wood and did not use nails at all, but by connecting and stacking the wood used.

Banua Tada Traditional House

Banua Tada Traditional House -

Custom House West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi is inhabited by various tribes, one of which is the Mandar tribe. Boyang traditional house is a traditional house of the Mandar tribe, this house is made of wood and in the form of a house on stilts.

Boyang Traditional House

Boyang Traditional House - West Sulawesi Traditional House

The poles are not stuck in the ground but superimposed on flat stones. To enter this house, you must climb the stairs in front or back of the house. Boyang houses are usually built facing east.

Custom House Central Sulawesi

Rumah tambi is a traditional house of the people of Central Sulawesi. Tambi houses are in the form of stilt houses but the height is not far from ground level. The roof of the tambi traditional house is triangular in shape which also functions as an outer wall.

Tambi Traditional House

Tambi Traditional House - Central Sulawesi Traditional House

Therefore, when viewed from the outside, this tambi house is shaped like a prism. Inside there is only 1 space called lobona.

The kitchen of this tambi house is located in the middle, so that it can also be used to warm the occupants of the house.

Custom House Gorontalo

One of Gorontalo’s traditional houses is dulohupa. This dulohupa traditional house is not a residential house, but a house for traditional deliberation. Therefore this house is named dulohupa which means consensus.

Dulohupa Traditional House

Dulo Traditional House - Gorontalo Traditional House

The characteristic of this house is that the roof is shaped like a saddle that is stacked in two. In addition, this stilt house has two stairs at the front that meet in front of the entrance. The inside has no barriers, but there is a platform for the resting place of the king and his family

Custom House North Sulawesi

The Minahasa tribe in North Sulawesi occupies the traditional house of walewangko or heir house. This house is in the form of a stage with stairs on the left and right sides of the entrance.

Walewangko Traditional House

Walewangko Traditional House - North Sulawesi Traditional House

The bottom is used to store the results of daily work. This part of the house is divided into three, namely lesar or veranda, sekey to receive guests, and pores used by the family for activities.

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